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Dr. Alfonso Gonzalez, DDS

Dental Implants

Whether you are missing one tooth or all of your teeth, we can replace your missing teeth using the most state-of-the-art implants available today. Learn more about dental implants, click here.

TMJ Rehabilitation

If you suffer from jaw pain, headaches, facial muscle or neck pain and/or tenderness, or you grind your teeth at night, click here.


If you always wanted to have straight teeth, but didn't want to go thru the embarrassment of having metal braces, click here.

Patient Reviews

The people are so friendly! I love it here I actually want to go to the dentist! The women who work here are so nice and make you feel comfortable. They make small talk while they're working on your teeth. And not too pricey!:)
I've been coming here for over 20 years, and now my kids and grandkids come as well. What I love most is that I was never referred out to get my work done. My son got his wisdom teeth extracted here, and my husband was also able to get his Root Canal done. I would never dream of going anywhere else.
I live in LA and I drive all the way to San Francisco in order to be seen by Dr. Gonzalez. I don't trust anyone else to work on my teeth because of prior experiences with other dentists. The drive is long, but they always make sure to accommodate me and they make sure to give me enough time to get all the work I need done.
I'm still in High School and I started coming here as a kid because my parents came here too. I have never gotten a cavity, but I did get my Invisalign done here, and my results were perfect. I am so happy!!

I had a work injury where I developed TMJ, which caused my bite to be off thus causing excruciating pain (neck, headaches, shoulders, arms, and left ear). The first dentist who began my treatment demanded he be paid half before he would commence my treatment. OMG, that dentist in Oxnard, CA put gold crowns on all my molars and crowns on my front upper teeth and had to use a splint (to open my bite). I was still in pain.

Four years and 52K later, I was still in pain. A friend (who works for an insurance company) referred me to Dr. Gonzalez.

From the first time I saw him and adjusted my bite the pain began to be less. He replaced the gold with porcelain (except for the last molars) and replaced the front plastic like material crowns with porcelain.

First and foremost, what I learned from Dr. Gonzalez and his staff is I was unaware of how important dental care is. My view is he is current with the developments of dental treatment. We need to educate ourselves so as to not feel doctors are trying to sell us what we do not need. We only have one set of permanent teeth so we should try to keep them.

I started going to Gonzalez Dental Care about 8 years ago after having a horrible experience with a previous dentist. I can't say how happy I was to finally find an honest dentist who gives you the proper treatment and carries out the work efficiently. Not to mention that the staff are very friendly and make you feel welcome. The staff also was very flexible regarding scheduling payment options that worked around my expenses. I highly recommend Gonzalez Dental Care to anyone seeking a fresh start at a great dental location.
Growing up I have always had problems with my teeth. I had a lot of cavities and consequently a lot of fillings done. I finally saved up enough money and got my crowns and veneers done. They have changed my life, and I smile all the time now!
I've been bringing my daughter here since 2010. I had to change dentist because her previous dentist office was horrible. They were not compassionate when it came to taking care of young patients who had anxiety about going to the dentist. I decided to switch to this office because I heard great things about this office. I am happy I decided to come here. They are very friendly and were awesome with helping my daughter cope with her anxiety by explaining to her the process of her dental check up and taking the time to make her feel comfortable. I'm glad she enjoys going to her dental checkups now.

I have been using Dr. Gonzalez for ten years. First my mother was going to him before she moved, then I started, followed by my daughter, and my son. Over the years his practice grew adding two talented doctors who happen to be his daughters. I have had all of them work on my teeth and can honestly say I am lucky to have the best of the best times three.

As far as cost, they have worked with me during hard times and I have received many discounts. I know how expensive dental care is and I have compared against other places and never found them to be excessive.

I for one do not make it a point to follow up on my care or make calls to my dentist for bi-annual cleanings. I usually want to forget the whole thing. Thankfully I have the Gonzalez staff to keep me current with all my care. The follow up calls are not a negative. I know if I don't get back to them, I will get more calls. They care about me enough not to give up.

Another positive is the fact that they are fluent in English and Spanish. For many people a language barrier and be a deterrent when it comes to their health. Thankfully the Gonzalez Dental Practice offers a comfortable option.